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This is a roleplaying forum where an organization called Followers of Fatalis is controlling monsters to further their own agendas. Will you be a hunter to defend your town, or be the ones attacking the town. Your life is entirely up to you.
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PostSubject: C.A.N.D.Y   C.A.N.D.Y Icon_minitimeThu Mar 15, 2012 6:45 pm

Names: Cleisthenes Athanas Neoptolemos Dagda Yosko
Alias: C.A.N.D.Y
Alliance: Rogue Hunter

Candy stands at 6’5 if he was to stand up straight which is rare, he weigh’s 217 pounds, his body is 42% muscle. As for his body it is lean and very flexible able to move about and be in positions normal people couldn’t do with out training. His hair is shown in picture. His forehead is of normal size not jutting out to far or being to wide, his cheekbones were high making his face seem lean. his chin is rounded having no indentions, his nose is slightly small giving him kind of a skeletal look to his face structure. He has dark circles under his eye’s from lack of sleep, his eye’s are bloodshot quite often the white seeming to have more red than needed showing a strain in his eye’s. The iris of Candy’s eye’s are a right blue and a bright pink. As for his mouth he had somewhat of a smaller mouth his lips not being puffy but more flat like, he had a facial scar that ran down his left cheek over his lips and down his right jaw. Candy’s shoulders were big but not as big as most people his size, His shoulder are somewhat broad, his arm’s although very muscular had are thin and long seeming to be bout 4 inches thick un-flexed. Candy’s hands were bigger than normal, his finger’s long and spidery. As for his Chest and stomach they are muscular or “ripped” , his chest was somewhat broad giving him a hourglass figure for his body curved in somewhat at the stomach and than came back down to his hips which are broad as well. Giving his body a slightly feminine look, his legs were 60% muscle for he used them often, they were long, this is where most of his height came from, his feet were smaller than you would think for a man his height his shoe size being 11.
As for clothing he wore a executioners mask hand stitched from brown wool, It had to eye slots seeming to had been ripped open making it seem as if he had merely picked up a wool sack and cut eye slots into it. The mask had at one time had a face dyed black onto it, but now faded over the year’s left a small trace of what used to be a mouth on it and small rings of black around the eye’s. He wore a skin tight top that wrapped around his body and down his arm’s were it met with his fingerless gloves making one uniform piece, there were leather straps all over his chest and arm’s buckled together with traditional metal buckles. His bottoms were a samurai skirt fanning out in the normal fashion, he wore no shoes for he believed his feet need to be free, but he did wear a special kind of fabric over his feet, keeping his feet free as if he was barefooted. His outfit was a faded black color, the color’s seeming to even splotch in places making his outfit look dirty and unclean when in truth it was just old.

Biographies: At a young age he was seen as a blight by his parents due to his outgoing personalty and both his parents being rigged church goers always felt that he need to have a closer connection to their god. But he was not the type so he was shunned by most of his family and looked down by the rest of the community, he improved his skills beyond the norm practicing day after day. After being exiled from his hometown he was able to survive due to his knowledge of weapon making. A few years later he had been captured by roaming slavers and forced to live as a slave he attempted to escape the slavers several times and they had tried to kill him for it, but he manage to escape. Now he is out and about roaming the land doing odd jobs for various people, He is always trying to forget the past as he travels.

Personality:He is a man with self-esteem issue’s when it comes to his appearance from a early age he had always thought he was ugly never having the courage to talk to anyone whether they be man, woman or child, making himself a loner from the start. Though when wearing his mask he has no problem talking to people, but with out his mask he will not approach anyone and avoid people as if they were the plague. He is a simple man all he cared about were the simple things in life enjoying wind’s breeze as much as a writer enjoyed good poetry. He was not a stupid man but often didn’t display his intelligence even though many assumed he was a retarded, for he didn’t talk much growing up in truth he avoided people.

His thoughts were a raging torrent of information and paranoia, often over thinking things which only cause problem’s for him making his paranoia only worse for he often saw shadows where there were none. He often didn’t talk in public gathering preferring to keep his mouth shut as not to draw attention to himself, he has mental melt downs at time loosing his temper from time to time only making his situation with the other's worse. Having hardly any friends often made him depressed and lonely making it a common scene for him to be mumbling incoherently or even common for him to talk to his Sword for hours.

His paranoia stemmed from his insomnia making him emotional the longer he went without sleep and even seeing hallucinations from time to time. This was a major problem for him cause after 5 days he would start to see things his mind not able to distinguish between reality and his dream’s sometime seeing creatures or other enemy’s that were not there, he had been known to be seen fighting air or even attacking fellow allies although he had figured out way to force himself to sleep. He did not do so often and sometimes forget too causing problem’s for himself and his friends, he was often forced to sleep.

He had a great love for art and music this being the thing that would calm his mind and often put him in a trance, he could stare at a painting for hours and listen to music for day’s and never realize that time had passed until his body craved nourishment or sleep. He was not a person to normally hate things but he couldn’t help but hate one thing and that was a bully, he is often seen standing up to a bully or protecting the weak for he had a strong sense of justice and kept a moral code similar to that of knights and samurai.

His mind even during fighting was a calm and collected one always thinking a few moves ahead, this was the only time he is ever focused when doing anything. To him he felt as if the enemy stood still when fighting his mind racing but always focused, though he wasn’t a tactician or to great with logic he mainly relied on instinct in fights. He had few friends so for the one’s he did have he would go to the moon and back for them, protecting them and doing even simple task for them, for he felt as if he had to do these things to keep there friendship.

He is often cheerful and hyper seeming to be overly friendly, he is a very happy creature. He is a very emotional and sensitive creature when he is emotionally hurt he seems to sulk and withdraw into his shell not wanting people to see he is hurt. He get quiet even when angered not wanting to explode or hurt anyone with his emotions. He has a sweet tooth and often seen eating candy, and craving sugar.

Kill Tally: Leave blank for now.

Weapons: “Kasou Rotasu” is a giant sword 7 feet in length that rest on his back the blade is double edged but there is not point to it. It just flattens out the handle being about a foot long and rounded made of black metal as well.

Armor: He is wearing a Mid weight armor over his clothes. He doesn’t wear armor on his chest going with out a top, He does however have fully plated arm gauntlets going from his hands to his shoulders. He also wears plated pants under the s. The color of the metal being black, with a white lotus on the left pant leg and left shoulder.

Style: “Fighting style“ He has a strange fighting style making use of his Weapons in a strange way holding it in his left hand which is uncommon as well as switching between regular one handed grip to two handed grip as well as a reverse one handed grip mixing several fighting style together. What makes this fighting style even weirder is his stance, for his stance, he is in his normal crouching stance, but instead of his feet being flat he would put all his weight on the front of his feet his heels of his feet never touching the ground leaning slightly forward. When he gets ready to attack, his body sways back and forth, his hands at his side as well almost in a dance like motion the weapons going from his left side around his back to his front in his face while in his hand. This motion would cause only one of his feet to be on the ground at a time, this style of fighting makes use of acrobatic skill as well as many different sword and hand to hand fighting styles, mixing them all together. This making him a unique and formidable foe.

Special Modes: Leave blank for now.

Charge Attacks: Leave blank for now.
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PostSubject: Re: C.A.N.D.Y   C.A.N.D.Y Icon_minitimeSun Apr 01, 2012 8:28 pm

I like how much detail you've put into this (it beats my bio description hands down).

Also I am still here, its just I don't log in, so if you wanna rp, just make a thread and I should join Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: C.A.N.D.Y   C.A.N.D.Y Icon_minitimeTue Jan 08, 2013 10:50 pm

Not sure if I get to do this but i say approved...
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