This is a roleplaying forum where an organization called Followers of Fatalis is controlling monsters to further their own agendas. Will you be a hunter to defend your town, or be the ones attacking the town. Your life is entirely up to you.
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 Monster: Chaos Oblivion

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PostSubject: Monster: Chaos Oblivion   Mon May 26, 2014 9:31 pm

Name: Chaos Oblivion / Kronlasora

Prince Chaos: 914.4 - 2438.4 (30-80 feet) : Low Rank
Princess Chaos :2743 - 3657.6 Cm (90-120 feet) High Rank
King Chaos: 4572 (150 Feet) G-Rank
Lineage: What's it's lineage? Wyvern, Elder Dragon ETC?

Description: The Chaos Oblivion is different depending on size, the Prince looks like a giant mass of emerald slime, with bone plates coating it, with barbed spines on it.
A Princess is more developed, its a emerald green slime beast still, but it stands in mid air with 10 tendriled legs embedded into the floor, with a large twin pincer maws between its legs, with bone coating on its legs and body.
A King Chaos is where it finally becomes something solid, The King stands on many centipede legs, and its lower body looks like a centipede, where it then twists back and upwards into a giant mass of green goop, that will change into whatever element it was attacked with, and the goop can explode, revealing a rib cage covered in muscle, bone spikes, glowing chest eye, and as many tendrils you can comprehend at once... possibly even more.

Element: Chaos, ???,

Status Inflicted: Nightmare (If you fall asleep, are stunned, or paralyzed, it will instantly be cured but you will take 10% max HP) Feral Virus (After a short while the affected target will gain bonus attack, but become easier to hurt) Chaos (The environment starts shifting to the status host, and can be hurt by it, example: They see a rock bolder form under them, a wall starts to multiply and crash onto them, but the extra will vanish after the attack) If hit by an attack: Any Blight according to element (Fire = Fireblight, etc)

Weakness: Wind / Unknown

Prince just tend to hide, and retaliate by shooting its spikes like a hedgehog at you, but they grow back quickly.
Princess tries to sweep you with one of her long legs, or turn into a blob and start bouncing around.
King will leap onto its head, and sweep its centipede lower body around like a flail, it will whip its tendrils, it will reveal its eye and it will scream inflicting Nightmare and Chaos to those who hear it (Ear plugs!) It can also knit its tendrils together and use its emerald body as a parachute if there are geysers and crystallize itself somewhat and fly upwards before smashing down.

Carve List: Emerald Goo/Slime (All) Crystal Crown (Princess/King) Spiked bone (Princess/King) Elemental slime (All/ If you hit it with an elemental weapon or a monster does it will be that element it dies with) Eye Of Chaos (King) Chaos Bone/Slime (King) 1% Drop: Chaos Soul/ Oblivion Crystal (All)

rp sample: Hiding in caves (Prince) Hunting in the mountains, tundras and Desserts (Princesses) Protecting its territory and feeding on Large monsters (King)
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Monster: Chaos Oblivion
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