This is a roleplaying forum where an organization called Followers of Fatalis is controlling monsters to further their own agendas. Will you be a hunter to defend your town, or be the ones attacking the town. Your life is entirely up to you.
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 Viola Wittrockiana

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PostSubject: Viola Wittrockiana   Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:36 pm

Names: Viola "Sting" Wittrockiana

Alliance: Independent Hunter

Don't Look!:

Although her rich history, Viola isn't as bulky as you may expect. Her slim physique is quite seductive and can cause most men to woo her. Her hair is split into four pigtails, and her hair is a jet black full of luster, unluckily, this is the most common part of her body where blood makes contact, usually dying it into a deep blue. She is easily seen as a female due to this characteristics of hers.

The only thing about her that isn't feminine is her legs. This is the thickest part of her body, and this is a sign that she has powerful leg strength and has the ability to efficiently run. Her normal armor (Which is shown in the picture) doesn't protect her in the chest area so much, and only three hexagonal chest plates, one small in the middle and two other big ones to cover her breasts.

Viola is heterochromatic which means that her eyes are a mismatched color. Her left eye is blue and the right eye is a light hazel. Her look is very dark, and her eyes' stare causes most tiny monsters to cower in fear. Of course, larger monsters still try to destroy her fragile body.

Biographies: Born in Kokoto Village, she was very silent person her whole life, but she was very innocent and energetic back then. She would run around all morning, without saying a single word and people thought that there was something wrong with her. She continued to live this life and continued to be silent, only speaking in mutters, sign language, and dramatic look-aways.

She wasn't much of the type of person who liked to make friends. People called her ugly, because back then she was rather sporting a large build, and she became the laughing-stock of the village. She didn't really mind her looks, but she wanted to show them how good she actually is.

Though she doesn't talk so much, her singing voice is wonderful. She only sings, however, when no one is looking and hides most of her feelings away, but to see her sing would be similar to finding a mermaid.

Her father was an expert with the use of gunpowder and black powder, and thought her how to use them properly, due to this, at a young age she already knew how to manipulate traps, barrel bombs and bowguns, but she believed her accuracy was not enough.

When she grew up, the warrior that always protected their village slowly became her idol. She wanted be a good hunter, and so she started practicing. Everyday, she used a few acorns and a slingshot to shoot pieces of fruit from trees. She wasn't really good with the knife, but she was specially known to be an excellent sniper in her town, usually shooting baby velociprey with her tiny slingshot.

One day, she decided to venture far into the forest at the young age of 12, a foolish choice as she entered the Great Forest. She looked around as the sunlight, refracted by the forest leaves surrounded her, but the iridescent sky didn't feel right, an ominous aura floated around her, and as she looked behind her, a Queen Vespoid stared at her with it's eyes, slowly staring into her soul.

Luckily enough, the monster found that she was an innocent child, lost in the forest, and called fellow Vespoids to give her honey. The two quickly became friends and in then end she became the protector of most Neoptereons, she wanted to be their friends since they were the only source of friendship.

Everyday, she would go to the same place and take long walks and talks with the fellow neoptereons. Bnahabra, Altaroth, Vespoid; she made friends with all of them.

Very soon, her mother found out, and she warned them that they were dangerous, and the village burned down the forest where the Neoptereons lived. she cried that night and became a rougher person. In anger of her parents she ran away and never came back.

Kill Tally: Leave blank for now.

Weapons: Her main style is bowguns, mainly created from her friend: The Queen Needle, although she has a few more like the Heartfelt Cast. Her armor is something she always proudly wears.

She has a wonderful musical ability and thus uses the hunting horn upon her disposal. She also has a long list of barrel bombs and traps behind her which allows her to be tricky at times.

(If the Insect Staff is made into the forums, I'll put it on her.)

Style: Her agile and silent ability makes her the perfect assassin like her Vespoid friends. When she is with allies, she is still the same person, but she enjoys healing her fellow hunters using the Recover Ammo.

Her acrobatic skills are unmatched, and this allows her to dodge, but gifts come with a price and her fragile body can easily be crushed and broken, and thus, dodging is something she focuses on.

With a heavy weapon, usually a hunting horn, she has to brace herself and usually uses multiple parries against the opponent to ensure her survival. Her other heavy weapons are barrel bombs.

Special Modes: Leave blank for now.

Charge Attacks: Leave blank for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Viola Wittrockiana   Sun May 19, 2013 12:11 am

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Viola Wittrockiana
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