This is a roleplaying forum where an organization called Followers of Fatalis is controlling monsters to further their own agendas. Will you be a hunter to defend your town, or be the ones attacking the town. Your life is entirely up to you.
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 Shouten Ataenushi

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PostSubject: Shouten Ataenushi   Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:14 pm

Names:Shouten Ataenushi (lt.Death Giver.)

Shouten is a wanderer.

Shouten has short black hair that is slightly spiky and blood red eyes.
Shouten has a medium level body build with highly detailed muscles under his armor and clothing,
this is mostly hidden under his trademark armor which causes those to underestimate Shouten's Speed and Strength.
Under his hunting armor Shouten wear's a simple full body black spandex suit.
Shouten wear's a pitch black armor custom built to mimic the look of his target dragon.

Shouten comes from a backwater village that did not have any real money.
The village was run down and survived by theft of others, it was not wrong in there eyes and
became a way of life.
The strong live while the weak are left to die, that was the motto of the villagers.
If you where not strong enough to take what you wanted, then you had nothing.
Shouten grew up an orphan on the street, as he got older he got in to many fights
with the other kids in the area who would try to take what little he did have.
Despite the attackers Shouten never showed any fear, he was used to this life and never once lost a fight.
As the years passed Shouten acquired himself a home and began to live peacefully for once in his life.
His peace was shot lived how ever, once day the village came under attack by an unknown threat.
An elder dragon with pitch black scales descended from the clouds above, very few seen the events that occurred after it descended.....Shouten was one of them.
The dragon in only a few moments engulfed the entire village in a blaze of dark purple fire.
Shouten just before the flames engulfed his house fled with only a leather sack over his shoulder.
The last sight and sounds he heard was the purple flames engulfing the rest of the town and the
dragons cold heartless roar as it ascended back in to the heavens above.
As the time past Shouten made it his life's goal to slay the unknown dragon and bring it's head back as a trophy.
Shouten wandered after this point, trying to gain Intel on the beast, gaining weapons and armor through his
travels to assist him once he found his target.

Kill Tally: Leave blank for now.

Shouten wields only one weapon, a pitch black blade forged from the left over scales and claws of
the dragon that destroyed his village.
The Blade itself pulses with a dark aura attempting to corrupt Shouten in to killing all he meets.

Style:Shouten is heartless in battle due to how he grew up, he wastes no action and has a habit of
playing with his prey to inflict as much pain as possible.
This often guarantees Shouten the rare carves on a monster because he ensures he cuts off
everything he can from it.

Special Modes:

Charge Attacks:
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Shouten Ataenushi
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